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NEWS about our staff and the great work we are doing ~

Kate Sisneroz, M.Ed., SPEd, Director of Education
is participating in the 2015 / 2016 N.H. Association of Special Education Administrators
Level II – Annual Academy on “Leadership – Examining a Popular Concept …”
Kate is learning about leadership theory, practices and skills.



Erica Mann, DPT
Alyssa Daigle, SPT and Becca Jones, SPT

Erica and her team will present a pediatric lecture at Mt. Washington College –
to the students / Physical Therapy Assistants. Learn more about what our physical therapists do
through Erica’s “Pediatric Physical Therapy” February 2016 powerpoint:
Pediatric Lecture 2016.pptx



Kathy Perry, MA, OTR/L

presented at the Northeast Organic Farming Association  (NOFA) – NH Winter Conference 2016
on horticultural therapy gardening. Kathy is in process of becoming a “Registered Horticultural Therapist.”  Here is her Powerpoint presentation (January 2016):  Gardening for Students With Special Needs


Diane's Leadership Award
Diane Bessey, Executive Director

awarded Rochester Rotary Club’s “Rotarian of the Year” 2014


Denise Meagher, Teacher

Received training in the following areas: Perkin’s School for the Visually Impaired ~ Center for Math and Center for Literacy PESI for Play Therapy for Children, Adolescents and Adults N.H. Alternative Learning Progressions Assessment (NH ALPs) UCED for Foundations in Transition:  Youth-Centered Strategies – Think Outside the Box


October 23/24, 2013 Program Approval Process Every 3 years, the New Hampshire Department of Education, Bureau of Special Education, and an outside review team conduct a “Case Study Compliance Review” for private schools that serve students with disabilities. This outside review team spends 2 days at the school … in advance of the school sending documentation re its policies and procedures. The team looks for “change and improvement within a school” in 3 focused areas:

  1. Access to, participation and progress in the general curriculum;
  2. Transition;
  3. Behavioral strategies and disciplines.

The Monarch School of New England underwent its 3 year program approval process on October 23/24, 2013. The outside review team, chaired by Kathy Skoglund, spent 2 days reviewing documents and hearing presentations from staff. In addition, they conducted interviews with parents, school board members and special representatives from school districts served by the Monarch School of New England. The team also observed and interviewed students in Monarch’s program. A summary of comments from the team on Thursday, October 24 are as follows: The Monarch School of New England is “top of the line. It is a school like no other … you should be proud of the work you do here. The Monarch School of New England is what a quality program looks like.” The team went on to talk about our school’s “innovative work involving assistive technology (which overall, is not happening in New Hampshire). In addition, Monarch provides “great access to and participation in the general curriculum,” which is a big accomplishment for a small school serving students with significant disabilities. So … because none of this would ever happen without the great staff at our school, KUDOS to each and every one who works so hard at helping our students succeed in this world.

IMG_9838 - Version 2

Monarch School of New England Staff – September 2013