How We Work

Our success is predicated on the belief that services can be more effectively provided through an integrated team approach and with a vast array of traditional and innovative programs.  Education is the basis for working with each child; lessons are aligned with the Frameworks and Standards of the New Hampshire Department of Education.

This approach requires cooperation, collaboration and team work with parents, teachers, therapists, nurses, program assistants, educational technicians, district personnel, community and other stakeholders.  Our staff is fabulous.


The Monarch School’s dynamic, hands-on, collaborative team approach infuses educational and therapeutic practices and principles throughout a student’s day to increase his/her highest level of independence.  Students at the Monarch School of New England (MSNE) have the same high standards and expectations as those of their peers in the public schools.  Regardless of their disability, students will participate in the curriculum that is in alignment with the New Hampshire Frameworks.  In addition to academics, educational programming encompasses teaching functional life skills with a focus on transition back to a student’s community, school or to adult life.