Placement Options

We look at the “whole child” at the Monarch School of New England (MSNE), unlocking a student’s potential by identifying a student’s strengths and preferences.

We focus on what a student CAN do – one’s ABILITIES as well as what motivates them to succeed. We believe motivation leads to active participation which results in true learning. We offer 3 different programs:

1. Diagnostic Placements: temporary, emergency placements outside of a district. A student temporarily attends MSNE, giving the school district added time to chart the best course for a student presenting challenges.

2. Day Program: students attend our school for an indefinite period of time, ranging from a few months to years. MSNE staff and the sending school district meet regularly to determine the student’s progress and appropriate time to return to their home district.

3. The school’s “Collaborate Team” sends MSNE staff into school districts to provide technical assistance which helps teachers and administrators provide the best program possible for special education.