Past Board Chair and Huge Supporter of our School

Jim painting the walls during our “Beautification Week” at our Gonic Site

Jim at Opening Day of our new High School



On Saturday, June 10, 2017, Kathy Perry, Monarch School of New England’s own registered horticultural therapist / pediatric occupational therapist, welcomed people from New England and New York for a day filled with horticultural therapy networking, information and garden tours. Participants learned about the school’s horticultural therapy programs, planted a “living roof” bluebird house and and learned more about upcoming conferences. The day began at the MSNE and ended at Bedrock Gardens in Lee, New Hampshire.


Thank you to Norm Vetter, Norman Vetter Foundations, for your financial support
re the Monarch School of New England’s participation in the race / walk.

Join us in this year’s Reds Race. More details here:

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Reds postcard with edits


We are beginning our Capital Campaign … read more about it HERE.
We have tax credits available!!


Monarch School of New England Awarded ‘Gold’
in International Competition for its “We Can” Report

Left to Right: Susan Kress Hamilton, designer, Phineas Graphic Design / Printing Solutions;
Herb Perry, Perry Communications; Cynthia Tokos, marketing director, photographer / writer,
Monarch School of New England; and Bill Hamilton, Phineas

ROCHESTER, N.H. (July 29, 2016) ― In a worldwide competition, the League of American Communications Professionals (LACP) bestowed its Gold Award to the Monarch School of New England for creating one of the top 2015 annual reports.

“We are really thrilled with this award,” said Cynthia Tokos, the school’s marketing director. “By telling stories, the report shows off our students and the adults in their lives who help them contribute to the world in meaningful ways. It’s about how together, ‘We Can.’”

Monarch School of New England Award Release 7-29-2016

Allie’s Class and Emory Farm

Allie’s class went on a field trip today …
it mostly rained but everyone seemed to have a great time.
The original plan was to go on a hay ride, pet some barn animals and then plant a flower.
For the most part, that didn’t happen.
But here are some photographs of our kiddos enjoying themselves:







Not bad for a day with rain …

Happy Birthday to our FAVORITE Linda P.

Today is Linda’s birthday.
Linda has been at the Monarch School of New England for 31 years;
she works as a Behavioral Assistant.
Although she didn’t want anyone to mention her birthday, a group of students thought differently –
they decided to come to her desk and sing. Here are some photographs of that moment ~

IMG_3981.000 IMG_3976..Version.2.000 IMG_3982.000-2 IMG_3989 copy IMG_3992 copy IMG_3997 copy IMG_4001 copy


MERRY CHRISTMAS ~ from the MSNE staff and students


Andrew as photographed by Allie, his teacher

2015 Christmas Cheer from MSNE staff ~




Education Technicians / Teachers Assistant Meeting

ED TA Presentation

L to R: Jennifer Young, ET; Jeri-Anne, TA; Sherri Fogarty, ET; Nina Wooding, TA

At a recent Education Technician / Teacher’s Assistant meeting, Jennifer, Jeri-Anne, Sherri and Nina spoke about their work at the Monarch School of New England. Their presentation focused on the opportunities and challenges of their jobs.
They were amazing presenters … funny, smart and insightful.
The work they and their colleagues do with our students, is the reason why our school is so successful.

MSNE Team Building

The Monarch School of New England staff held a team building
exercise in which they were given 1 egg, a box of straws and 2 pieces of tape. The goal
was to drop the egg from a 10 foot ladder without breaking the egg.
Here are some pictures of the exercise:



CSI ~ Community Service Initiative

Jake and DianeDiane and Jake

Teacher’s Assistant Jake Beal at our Williams site, has started with the students, a “Community Service Initiative.” In his words:

“Our Williams site is our high school. So like other high schools that give back to the communities that support them, we also decided to do the same. Our ‘Community Service Initiative’ or CSI, helps our students get a better understanding and respect for the community that supports our school.”

The first project of this group is support letters for our troops. Students at Williams wrote letters to service men and women that are deployed; all letters are sent to “” There they will be reviewed for content and then forwarded on to the appropriate troops.

Read the letters from our students to those serving our country:  Letters to Deployed Service Men and Women

Jake and his students are really excited about this new CSI. The group will meet every Thursday for 45 minutes. Future plans include planting a tree for Arbor Day in addition to care packages for the troops.

Anyone interested in supporting their efforts or wanting to help out can email jake:

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

In 2014, the Rochester Times featured stories about our staff: who they are and what makes them so great. Here are some of our heroes ~

Click here to read Jake and Bryan’s story (mostly about Jake) in Fosters … December 4


Click here to read about Jeri-Anne in the November 20, Rochester Times paper.


Click here to read the story about Vicki T. (on the left) and Vicki S. (on the right) published November 6.

The 2 Vicki(s)

During the summer of 2014, the Rochester Times published a series of articles on the history of the Monarch School of New England. The series began with the press release announcing the new addition to our building in June, 2014. Read the full series here:  MSNE 10 Part Series

Boys on a Swing 1969 - 1970

Boys on a swing 1969/1970