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“We are Monarch”

In an effort to get to know a little bit more about who we are and the
fabulousness of those who work at the Monarch School of New England,
here are some of the videos of our staff.

Sandy Hawkins, Education Technician

Allie Gesick, Special Education Teacher

Tori Chapman, Special Education Teacher

Marie Melanson, Education Technician

Jena Zarnowski, Education Technician

Andy Vaughan, Education Technician

Linda Pierce, Behavior Therapy Assistant

Diane Bessey, Executive Director

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Jacob is one of our students. Hear him speak about what it’s like for him to have autism ~

“I Have Autism”

Although first and foremost, we are a school focused on academics, we are also a school with great heart.
Check out our prom to get a better idea of how we enjoy our time together …

May 2015 Prom

This was our first fashion show; it was a huge success.
All monies benefited the programs of our school.

Monarch School of New England 2014 Fashion Show