Parents:  MSNE’s Wellness Policy (click link to read):

MSNE Wellness Policy – 2017


Your child has been dismissed because he / she is sick.
When may they return to school? Questions? Call Kathy Moses at 332-2848.


logoWelcome to New Hampshire Family Ties. Learning that your child has a disability and/or special medical needs can be challenging. Living with and embracing these challenges is a journey you will take as a family. As a parent, you will have questions and concerns about coping with your child’s needs as well as your own feelings. You are not alone and you may want the support of others.


Every year New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services asks families of school age children to report symptoms of Influenza like illness.

Influenza-like illness defined as fever AND cough or sore throat. Fever can be a documented temperature of >= 100 °F or report from the student/staff/parent of fever-like symptoms (chills, feeling feverish/hot/etc.)

This information is used to track the flu in our communities.  If you call your child out sick for the day, you may be asked if your child has any of the above mentioned symptoms.  Participation in this program is voluntary, you can decline to answer if you choose.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.  I hope everyone has a healthy and happy school year

Kathy Moses, RN Director of Nursing
Monarch School of New England
603 332-2848


As you may know, mental health services are lacking in New Hampshire. A group of four providers have responded to this need. Below, find their introduction letter – please visit their website for more information.



Our favorite nursing staff … showing some attitude. And then some.





Dear Parents,

Spring is in the air! Longer days and warmer temps are coming in the days ahead. With this new season, let me introduce myself to those I have not yet met.

My name is Kathy Moses and I accepted the position of Director of Nursing in January 2016. I have been a nurse for 16 years. I started out in hemodialysis and acute care. From there I moved to pediatrics. I have called Monarch School of New England my home since 2008, but did take a little time to return to acute care and public school nursing.

Most of my time here has been at our high school (Williams), working as a 1:1 and overseeing the care of the students on-site.

Monarch School of New England has an amazing nursing team. Our nurses include: Deb Cormier, LPN; Gary Davis, LPN; Erin Gauthier, RN; Kathy Severson, RN; Vickie Trafton, LMNA; and Kathleen Weise, LPN.

You will hear from me with school-wide information and things specific to your child if they come to the nurse’s office.

Communication is key in keeping small wrinkles from turning into big problems. I am here for you and your child to optimize their health while in school so meaningful learning can take place. I welcome your thoughts and insights that can make the school day the best for your child. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any reason. I can be reached either by phone or by email:

Phone:            603 332 2848  ext. 36

We school nurses have the best job! Thank you for sharing your child with the fabulous team of nurses we have at the Monarch School of New England.


Kathy Moses, RN
Director of Nursing

Monarch School of New England