Mission Statement

To provide the highest quality vocational education to all students; To enable them to work productively and as independently as possible within their communities as they transition to adult life.

For the Monarch School of New England’s unique population, vocational education enables students with disabilities to learn behaviors, attitudes, skills and knowledge to increase their independence in the work world.  The vocational program is an important part of the Monarch School of New England’s curriculum, in which education and therapy (physical, occupational, speech/language and vision) are integrated.

Our vocational education program aligns with the 2006 “New Hampshire Department of Education Career Development Framework,” the 2004 “Individuals with Disabilities Education Act” as well as the guidelines established by the N.H. Department of Labor’s School-to-Work Program.

Vocational Program 2014

Kathy - Vocational Services Director

How the program works – 

  • Confirm job training goal and prepare student for job search:
  • Students identify interesting job sites, fill out applications, interview and write thank you letters to prospective employers.
  • Obtain the job – students are initially trained on the job by a Monarch School educator or therapist in  addition to the job site’s supervisor. A Monarch School staff person remains on site to  ensure success by providing assistance as needed.
  • A student typically works at the site  1 – 2 hours/week.
  • The Monarch School is responsible for the student at all times.

Tasks in which our students are involved – 

  • Address labels for mailings
  • Collate/assemble packets of materials
  • Compile inventory
  • Fold brochures
  • Fold laundry
  • Indoor and outdoor plant maintenance
  • Light cleaning:  sweep, dust, vacuum, wash windows
  • Light duty barn work
  • Recycle materials
  • Restock products on shelves
  • Stuff envelopes/shred documents

Some of our Current Partners –


 I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoy the Monarch School students that we have coming to our facility for vocational training.  We have been privileged to be one of your training sites for several years now.  While I am sure that it is a great work experience for your students, it has also been a great life experience for our staff.  Our office staff, vehicle maintenance staff, and our outside construction crews have all interacted with the students and we have learned as much from these students as the students have learned from us.  We have also enjoyed getting to know your staff that comes with the students.  They have demonstrated a level of professionalism that you should be proud of.  Their commitment to these students is truly remarkable.

Lisa J. Clark, Office Manager, Rochester DPW

Everyone here at Studley’s certainly appreciated when Shane came to Studley’s to help sweep. And now we are pleased to have a  new student Erich. They certainly have different personalities and we enjoy seeing the students change over time. Erich helps with sweeping greenhouse areas and also placing stickers on product packaging; we hope that Erich will continue helping at Studley’s. We recognize the importance of Monarch School to our community and are happy to support their programs by accepting students to help at Studley’s.

Molly Meulenbroek, Manager, Studley Flower Gardens